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Tina SGRO '(Reggio Calabria, 1973)


Interior, 100 x 100 cm


Artist considered among the most interesting of the Italian contemporary panorama, Tina Sgrò presents in her canvases glimpses of interiors, noble halls, elegant rooms, views of balconies, which evoke past emotions. The rooms portrayed by Tina Sgrò become bearers of messages, of memories of a lived past. Light becomes the predominant of all its most recent collections, light that allows the gaze to reach hidden spaces, places of the soul. Light that goes beyond light, revealing secrets and dark corners, which gives a soul to that painful past, imbued with feelings and emotions. He has already achieved several successes in the contemporary art environment following the Golden Plate of the 2006 Mondadori Art Prize. His are works that forcefully bring attention to everyday objects in the instant following the action. The absent figure performed the action, disappearing suddenly, and leaving the object in a state of quiet and solitude. Marta Toma writes about Tina Sgrò: “Tina Sgrò's home story is a voluptuous noir dotted with clues: a lighted lamp, a detached chair, a crumpled sheet, unmistakable traces of absent presences. A labyrinth of uninhabited rooms emptied of every function, in which the artist sets up a merry-go-round of missed relationships. Places of solitude and abandonment, frequented by wounded objects-feelings, used and then forgotten. Inhospitable, muffled and silent environments, where the material is obsessed with a light that disturbs, distorts, dissociates and regenerates, in a suspended and dilated time. Meridian light that arises in the shadows, in the twilight gleam that goes up a dusty curtain and insinuates itself into the cracks, cloaks objects and takes possession of them. By gathering between the molecules of things, it crystallizes the vision in a chromatic filter that eliminates any change in tone, then explodes with the power of an atomic explosion. Her sensual, pasty and wet brush stroke impresses the canvas like a photographic film. It strikes the figures, undoes them and recomposes them with unexpected flashes, in the dark and subdued interiors. Atmospheric phenomena of Boldiniana memory, light up the refined retro furniture. Air also has a weight. A daily without visits populated by metaphysical visions, unexpressed desires and dreamlike drives. Emotional traps, whose vanishing point is always beyond the visible. And an outside, if there is one, is the dissertation on a desert and stripped metropolitan space. A reportage of the streets, bridges and buildings of his city, imbued with a blinding radiance. Steel skeletons and reinforced concrete blocks intersect with the asphalt in liquid and blurred perspectives that redesign the visual field. They call it the Morgana effect. The fleeting aspect of these 'analog images' recalls that of polaroids faded by time. Places that are barely recognizable, corroded and transfigured by light radiation. Anesthetic synaesthesia in an urban symphony made of interference, where the contrast between light-shadow / good-evil becomes extreme. "


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