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Mauro PIPANI (Cesenatico, 1953)

From the “Forgotten Landscapes” series, framed cassette paper, 65 x 75 cm

€ 2,200.00

He graduated in painting in 1976 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with Pompilio Mandelli and Maurizio Bottarelli, a master in "sustainable architecture" and "interior design", is now a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. He made his debut in 1972 with the collective "La Comune", a group of young artists directed by Dario Fo. His works are born after a careful arrangement of materials. Layers are placed on the surface of the wooden support: gauze, glued fabrics and papers, metal fragments and resins, which generally characterize the beginning of the creation in small or large formats. His works become a mapping of the landscape, marked and crossed by stratifications, painted with dirty and diaphanous colors, deliberately wasted but no less solid and precise, in which the newspaper is masterfully redesigned to become something else. A personal diary made up of stories of small and large episodes of everyday life imbued with new light. Present on the contemporary art scene since the 80s with dozens of personal and collective exhibitions in public spaces, private galleries and national and international art fairs.

MAURO PIPANI - Paesaggi dimenticati

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