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Bas-relief in amalgam of cement and stone dust depicting Saint Francis.
Amedeo Masacci, a forward-looking artist from Cesena, saw the key to the post-war period in innovation and experimentation. Thanks to his skills he had appeared authoritatively in the panorama of Italian sculpture, soliciting the attention of authoritative critics, such as Franco Solmi, receiving numerous and important awards, such as the Prize of the Ministry of Education and that of the President of the Republic. His promising career, unfortunately, was nipped by an untimely death in 1970, at only 40 years old ”. Amedeo Masacci was born on 30 October 1930 in the Porta Santi neighborhood. After studying Fine Arts in Ravenna, Bologna and Modena he dedicated himself to sculpture and graphics by participating in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Venice International Art Biennale, the Milan Design Triennale, the Quadrennial art exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. He died on 9 September 1970. In 2005 Cesena dedicated a solo show to him.

"San Fran" San Francesco "- AMEDEO MASACCI (Cesena, 1930 - 1970)

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