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Luciano Navacchia was born in Cesena in 1946. He set up his first personal exhibition in Rimini in 1969. In contact with masters such as Sughi, Cappelli, Bocchini, his painting was initially influenced by the dominant realist of Cesena's figurative culture, dealing with social commitment and concerning the existential condition of man in the reality of his time, with a pictorial language of expressionist brand, with dark and exasperated features.
More recently his painting has been loaded with emotion and inventive excitement with the image less and less harnessed in form and full of representative essentiality. Navacchia's transit to sculpture with recent large-scale works, made of iron sheets, skillfully aggregated and finely worked and decorated, is recent. He is among the artists who are most animating the Romagna figurative scene in this first part of the new century. He has exhibited in important personal and collective, obtaining prizes and awards.


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